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more than 2,000 tons of nickel matte!the first batch of nickel matte from cngr morowali industrial base arrived at qinzhou port -爱游戏app官网登录入口

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  on january 20,2024 local time,the first batch of more than 2,000 tons of nickel matte products from cngr indonesia morowali industrial base was loaded at the dock of the park and sailed to qinzhou port in china.after 10 days of sea voyage,the cargo ship arrived in qinzhou,guangxi on january 30,which is another raw material base that has successfully docked with cngr qinzhou industrial base and realized interconnection after cngr indonesia weda bay industrial base,which further connects the company's domestic and international dual-cycle industrial layout and helps cngr’s global supply chain and market competitiveness to steadily increase.

  ice nickel shipped from cngr indonesia morowali industrial base
  the shipment of this first batch of nickel matte from morowali industrial base to china fully demonstrates that cngr’s oesbf project in indonesia is gradually realizing project benefits,and becoming another guarantee channel for cngr’s nickel,cobalt and other core metal raw materials.since cngr indonesia morowali industrial base,the world's first oesbf production line for the preparation of low-ice nickel from laterite nickel ore,has been put into operation,after continuous debugging and optimization,the production line has entered the stage of"mass production and stable production",marking that cngr has become the first enterprise in the world to master this process for smelting laterite nickel ore.
  as one of the three major processes for smelting laterite nickel ore in the world,the oesbf process has considerable advantages in energy consumption and carbon emissions,production capacity,and raw material adaptability compared with other terms of energy consumption,the oesbf process has no"heat-electricity-heat"conversion process,and the energy utilization efficiency is terms of production capacity and raw material adaptability,this process has low requirements on the grade,moisture content and particle size of laterite nickel ore,rapid response,high unit productivity,nickel recovery rate of more than 93%,and can recover associated cobalt to maximize the value of mineral terms of emissions,the smelting slag from this process can be used as building materials without environmental pollution risk,to achieve reuse.its total dust collection rate reaches 99.94%,and desulfurization rate reaches more than 99%.

  nickel matte arrived at qinzhou port and being loaded onto transport vehicles
  according to the plan,six oesbf production lines will be built in the morowali industrial base.two production lines as the first phase of the project have been completed and put into operation,each of them can achieve an annual output of 10,000 tons of nickel,based on metal 2024,with the goal of"achieving production and efficiency",the morowali industrial base will further mobilize the enthusiasm of both chinese and indonesian employees,give full play to the core values of"truth-seeking,innovation,enterprising and win-win"of cngr employees,comprehensively promote the improvement of the comprehensive benefits of the project,and give full play to the maximum potential of the process.
  with the commissioning of cngr indonesia's three major industrial bases in morowali,weda bay and north morowali,cngr's essential nickel raw materials for new energy materials will be continuously transported back to china,which,with cngr's major domestic industrial bases,will form a cross-regional integrated industrial complex to achieve international the future,cngr indonesia will supply raw materials to other international industrial bases,including those in south korea and morocco,and serve the global market through a global production and organizational framework,which will become the new norm of new energy materials supply chain in the future.cngr will also unswervingly promote the"development globalization"strategy,and meet the needs of global customers with a more stable and safer supply chain,and better products and services.
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