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  on january 12,2024 local time,the launch ceremony of nadesico nickel industry(nni)'s first nickel matte production line in cngr indonesia’s north morowali industrial base was successfully held,marking the official launch of cngr's third overseas industrial base,which provides a robust foundation for a prosperous start and continual growth of cngr in 2024.

  in attendance at the event were liao hengxing,senior vice president of cngr and president of cngr indonesia,zhou yuan,chairman of delong nickel industry(indonesia),chen hailei,general manager of cngr north morowali industrial base and nni,alongside department heads and guests from cngr indonesia,indonesia delong industrial park and nni.

  swift overseas commissioning set a new record and marked the first success in the new year

  the ceremony began at 9:19 a.m.first,chen hailei delivered a speech on behalf of the base and nni,expressing appreciation to all the personnel involved in construction and the nni project.he highlighted that despite a tight schedule and massive workload,the no.8 production line of nni's nickel matte plant was completed and put into operation in a mere eight and a half months,which set a good start for subsequent production lines and nni's growth.

  zhou yuan,speaking on behalf of the joint venture partner,reviewed the collaboration between cngr and delong,and shared his anticipation for further win-win cooperation.he stated that the successful launch of nni's first rkef production line set a new global benchmark for project construction speed,and will provide robust support for both parties in sustaining their competitive edge in the global market.

  finally,liao hengxing made a summary speech,themed"seizing opportunities and embracing the future".he extended his requirements and expectations in three dimensions:"fortifying robust belief for the future","upholding right principles and putting values into action",and"maintaining baselines and effectively integrating ehs concepts into all activities".he emphasized that shared convictions will lead to a common path,a common path will foster collective effort,and collective effort will result in a shared future.he affirmed the belief that by emphasizing"shared responsibility,collaborative innovation,and mutual benefits",we will certainly"grow,overcome challenges,and realize our goals",and the team will definitely attain substantial achievements,thereby persistently contributing to social progress and building a better life for mankind.

  stepping into the"three-base production era",cngr indonesia ascends to a new level

  as the fourth industrial base invested by cngr in indonesia,the north morowali industrial base is situated in the north morowali regency of central sulawesi province,which is known as one of indonesia's richest in nickel content.presently,nni plans to build eight rkef production lines.with a designed annual capacity of 80 kt low-nickel matte,expressed in nickel metal content,the north morowali industrial base is set to become an essential part of the cngr's self-reliance in raw materials and overseas resource guarantee system.

  so far,all of the three cngr's industrial bases in indonesia(morowali,weda bay,and north morowali)have entered the"production stage",and cngr has completely mastered the oesbf and rkef technical processes for preparing nickel matte from laterite nickel ores,marking that cngr indonesia is stepping into the"three-base production era"and opening a new chapter of development.
  as the first step for cngr to embark on globalization,indonesia is of vital strategic significance to its development.cngr indonesia has become"a crucial link and an important part of cngr's globalization strategy"and"an important base established in southeast asia and catering to the global market".as 2024 unfolds,cngr indonesia is stepping into the"three-base production era".this will propel cngr to a proactive stance in industry adjustment characterized by intensifying competition and development opportunities for the global new energy industry,and will infuse fresh vigor and momentum into cngr's globalization.
  this is a new beginning in the new year,marking a new round of 2024,cngr will adhere to"striving for excellence in materials,achieving greatness with technologies",and follow the development strategy of"technology diversification,development globalization,operation digitization and industrial ecologicalization",to overcome future challenges and seize opportunities.cngr will comprehensively upgrade the quality of its industrial bases in china,speed up the construction of overseas industrial bases in indonesia,south korea,morocco,finland,and beyond,and promote the commissioning of production lines and realizing their capabilities.cngr will fully respect the different cultures of countries,advocate cultural integration,while highlight ehs and esg,to constantly meet the needs of clients all around the world.cngr is always committed to providing zero-waste,low-carbon and recyclable new energy materials,so as to make more positive contribution to worldwide sustainable development.
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