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the phase i annual power output exceeds 40 million kwh and the annual carbon reduction reaches 35,800 tons! the first photovoltaic power generation project of cngr successfully realizes grid connection -爱游戏app官网登录入口

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  on august 31,2023,the 37 mwp distributed photovoltaic power generation project of cngr qinzhou industrial base successfully realized grid connection,which is the first grid-connected photovoltaic power generation project of cngr,marking that cngr has entered into a new stage of self-generation and self-consumption of green electricity.
  the photovoltaic power generation system of the project will cumulatively generate more than 950 million kwh of electricity in 25 years'operation life cycle.the annual power output of the photovoltaic power station in the first year will be 40,267,200 kwh,the annual average power output of the photovoltaic power station in 25 years will be 38,048,400 kwh,and the average annual reduction of carbon emissions will be 35,800 tons.through the continuous construction of photovoltaic power station,cngr continues to increase the proportion of green electricity and reduce carbon emissions to achieve the greener manufacturing of new energy materials.
  successful grid connection for entrance into a new stage of self-generation and self-consumption of green electricity
  as the world's leading integrated service provider of new energy materials,cngr always adheres to the road of sustainable green and low-carbon 2022,it officially released the goal of"4050"carbon neutrality,namely to realize carbon neutrality of operation in 2040 and carbon neutrality of supply chain in 2050,as well as the milestones of 2 key years:100%clean electricity in 2025;80%clean energy in 2030,with single ton of carbon emissions of precursor products reduced by 50%at the same time.
  based on this,cngr has determined an action plan with"clean energy"as the key 2022,cngr qinzhou industrial base successfully passed sgs carbon neutrality certification and obtained psa 2060 carbon neutrality certificate,becoming the first"zero-carbon factory"in qinzhou port area of guangxi december of the same year,in view of the strong solar radiation of cngr qinzhou industrial base due to its location in the south of the tropic of cancer,the phase i photovoltaic power generation project was launched.after more than 8 months'intense construction,the grid connection is finally realized today.
  in the ceremony of grid connection,leaders such as the general manager hu peihong of cngr qinzhou industrial base,the engineering department minister yang changqing of qinzhou jingneng clean energy co.,ltd.and the deputy general manager su wendong of south branch of china energy engineering group northeast no.3 electric power construction co.,ltd.attended the activities to witness the important moment together.when the grid connection task was completed under the instruction of the employer of the project,hu peihong announced"grid connection realized"!it marked that the first photovoltaic power generation project of cngr was officially connected to the grid and put into use,so as to provide clean photovoltaic green electricity continuously for the production and operation of qinzhou industrial base.
  making full use of scenic resources to achieve sustainable zero-carbon manufacturing
  currently,in addition to the"rich-grade"solar energy resources,cngr qinzhou industrial base also has rich wind energy resources due to its location in the monsoon area of southeast asia and the beibu gulf to the,the base will also start the construction of decentralized wind power projects and energy storage projects in the future to further increase the proportion of self-generation of green that time,cngr qinzhou industrial base will form a complementary system of"wind and photovoltaic power storage",with the distributed photovoltaic project providing power in the day and the distributed wind power project functioning at night in higher wind storage power station will make up for the intermittently,volatility and unpredictability of photovoltaic power and wind power themselves and decrease the difficulty in controlling the grid-connected operation to reduce the loss of clean electricity.
  in the future,cngr qinzhou industrial base will establish a sustainable and green energy system by making full use of the"wind and photovoltaic"resources,and adopt a mode of"self-generation and self-consumption,surplus power connected to the grid".in addition to meeting the production and operation of the base,green clean electricity will also be sent to surrounding areas,thus reducing the use of non-renewable resources,facilitating the reduction of carbon emissions and maximizing the benefits of clean energy.
  in order to achieve the goal of"4050"carbon neutrality,cngr has accelerated the implementation of esg strategy by focusing on"clean energy".at present,in addition to qinzhou industrial base,ningxiang industrial base has started photovoltaic power generation project.meanwhile,in the second quarter,the consumption proportion of green electricity in both ningxiang industrial base and kaiyang industrial base has exceeded 60%,constantly expanding the consumption proportion of clean energy,so as to achieve zero-waste,low-carbon and recyclable manufacturing of materials,boost the realization of"industrial ecology",facilitate the achievement of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality,and make a great contribution to actively responding to global climate change.
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