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the embassy of the republic of indonesia in beijing organized a business roundtable between the president of the republic of indonesia and leaders of prominent chinese companies,and cngr chairman deng -爱游戏app官网登录入口

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  on july 28,joko widodo,president of indonesia attended the business roundtable in chengdu.deng weiming,chairman of cngr,was invited to make a speech at the roundtable as a representative of chinese-funded businesses operating in indonesia.

  deng weiming stated that indonesia is the world's largest producer of nickel,ranking first globally in terms of nickel ore quality and one of the world's top new energy battery material companies,cngr has been planning and investing in numerous projects in indonesia including morowali and weda bay since 2021.with an intended investment of tens of billions of yuan,cngr will significantly promote the development of indonesia's new energy vehicle industry and bolster its socio-economic development.during this period,the indonesian government provided various preferential policies and incentives to support cngr's projects in indonesia.this reflects that the indonesian government attaches great importance to chinese-funded enterprises and further strengthens the confidence and determination of cngr to invest in indonesia.

  deng further explained that china and indonesia are close neighbors separated by a narrow stretch of water,and have always maintained a friendly relationship.indonesia is not only the pioneer of the"21st century maritime silk road",but also the first stop of cngr's international expansion.therefore,cngr's investment in indonesia is of profound the future,cngr plans to continue increasing its investment in indonesia,integrate global resources,build modern factories for new energy materials,develop zero-waste,low-carbon,and recyclable green production models,and establish a new energy industry ecosystem.cngr is aimed at providing new impetus for the development of indonesia's new energy industry,contributing new strength to indonesia's socio-economic development,and composing a new chapter in the friendship between china and indonesia.

  president joko widodo welcomed deng weiming and other representatives at the business roundtable and expressed gratitude to chinese-funded enterprises,including cngr,for their investments in indonesia.

  the president mentioned that the new energy vehicle industry is one of indonesia's key industrial fields.he welcomes chinese companies to invest and build factories in indonesia to create a complete industry chain from nickel and other mineral resources,to traction batteries,and finally to the production of new energy vehicles,and jointly develop indonesia's new energy vehicle industry.currently,new energy enterprises,including cngr,have invested in indonesia to build factories and establish their operations.this has brought substantial capital investment,advanced production technologies,scientific management experience,and professional technical talents,significantly improving the development foundation of indonesia's new energy vehicle industry.meanwhile,indonesia is also looking forward to further deepening cooperation in various fields with china to enhance the development momentum of each other's economy.

  in recent years,cngr and the indonesian government have had numerous friendly interactions,maintaining a good cooperative november last year,deng weiming was invited to attend the g20 summit,where he was warmly received by president joko widodo.during the summit,deng weiming had a friendly meeting with mr.luhut binsar pandjaitan,coordinating minister of maritime and investment affairs of indonesia,which led to the signing of an investment memorandum between cngr and the indonesian may this year,mr.luhut binsar pandjaitan was entrusted by president joko widodo to visit cngr,which once again demonstrated the concern of senior leaders of the indonesian government for cngr.the convening of this business roundtable will further deepen the friendship and mutual trust between the two parties,laying a solid foundation for deepening and expanding cooperation in the future.
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