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  in recent years, cngr advanced material co, ltd. (stock code: 300919. sz) has been dedicated to providing global customers with zero-waste, low-carbon, and recyclable green new energy materials. the company has taken comprehensive actions across various segments of the industrial chain, continuously optimizing and upgrading on the resource side, energy consumption side, and production side. cngr's qinzhou industrial base has become the first "zero-carbon factory" in the precursor industry, and the construction of photovoltaic projects enables self-generation and self-consumption of green electricity, thereby reducing carbon emissions comprehensively. in 2023, cngr participated in esg ratings conducted by the world's three major index organizations—s&p global csa score, msci esg rating, and ftse russell esg rating. the results of these ratings have recently been released, and cngr has shown steady improvement in all of them.
  s&p global csa score is recognized as the earliest and most widely-covered international authoritative esg rating. it is an essential standard for esg assessments by global investment institutions and international esg experts. msci, on the other hand, is one of the most authoritative esg index rating organizations globally. its ratings have become a crucial reference for mainstream investments in international capital markets and play a significant role in individual investors' decision-making processes. similarly, the ftse russell esg rating is among the mainstream esg ratings internationally.


  cngr's significant improvement in esg ratings from these three major organizations reflects the company's ongoing efforts and advancements in esg practices, which have received professional recognition. these ratings will further guide cngr's esg development.


  cngr achieved a score of 38 points in the 2023 s&p global csa score, which is a 10-point increase compared to the previous year. notably, this score meets the threshold for inclusion in the "s&p global sustainability yearbook (china)," representing a benchmark level of sustainable development for chinese companies. simultaneously, cngr's msci esg rating has risen from a b grade in 2022 to a bb grade in 2023, positioning it at an intermediate level compared to relevant industry peers. in ftse russell's esg rating, cngr achieved an impressive score of 2.6, significantly higher than the industry average.


  behind these rating improvements in 2023 is the relentless effort of all cngr employees in the past year towards sustainable development. by establishing a top-down and closely coordinated sustainability governance structure to ensure that the company's sustainability strategy can be implemented and effective. the company has formulated the "esg policy of cngr" to guide and regulate the actions of companies, directors, management personnel and employees within the scope of its global operations. the company leverages its influence to encourage collaboration with partners in the supply chain, striving to achieve sustainable development.

  simultaneously, cngr listens to the voices of various stakeholders, delving into their core expectations and needs. it emphasizes the use of clean energy, sets and discloses the “carbon target of cngr”, and launches low-carbon special actions of cngr to increase the proportion of green electricity usage at its various facilities. cngr commits to reaching 100% clean energy electricity by 2025 and operational carbon neutrality by 2040.

  currently, the importance of esg in practice is increasingly evident, with more and more companies focusing on their esg governance levels. cngr's steady improvement in the three major international authoritative esg ratings reflects recognition from the capital market for its esg management performance and affirmation of the company's long-term investment value. it also reflects cngr's proactive sustainable development measures and significant improvements in environmental, social, and governance aspects, demonstrating excellent results.
  in the future, cngr will focus on our vision to “become the most valuable comprehensive service provider of new energy materials in the world".the company adheres to the sustainable development philosophy of "truthfulness and self-discipline, excellence and win-win, and harmonious ecology." through seven key areas: clean energy, resource recycling, reduced environmental footprint, health security, high-quality products, community and partner relations, and corporate and system governance, cngr will build its sustainable development system and continually lead and drive the company towards sustainable development.
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