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2023 the 15th cibf exhibition opens! cngr detonates the scene on all fronts! -爱游戏app官网登录入口

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  the 15th china international battery technology fair(cibf),organized by the china chemical and physical power industry association,opened in shenzhen on may 16,2023.this year's cibf saw a 140%increase in exhibition space compared to the previous year,reaching 240,000 square metres and attracting over 2,500 exhibitors from around the battery industry companies gathered together with new products,technologies and strategies.with the latest technology and achievements,cngr became one of the most popular exhibitors in the venue.leaders such as tao wu,senior vice president of cngr,and li cheng,vice president of cngr,came to the site to share the latest technological achievements with global customers.
  as a global leader in advanced energy battery materials,cngr exhibited its latest materials technology,demonstrating its hardcore research strength.these include a full range of up-to-date ternary precursors,high voltage cobalt tetroxide,iron phosphate,sodium electrolyte precursors and other precursor is worth mentioning that this exhibition is the first time that cngr's"four strategies"are publicly displayed in a comprehensive manner,from four perspectives:"technology diversification,industry ecology,development globalization and operation digitalization".
  as you approached the cngr booth in 4t071,the 360°continuous surround ice screen jumped into your eyes and instantly lit up the whole place,attracting visitors to linger around.the 3d animation of cngr's"zero-waste,low-carbon,recyclable green materials manufacturing"premiered on the same day,which sparked a buzz among the crowd.this is the first time that cngr's entire industrial ecological chain from upstream to the terminal is presented in a panoramic view,and the first time that cngr's integrated technology of smelting,refining,materials and recycling is systematically released,comprehensively demonstrating cngr's leading technology and green manufacturing process.a complete blueprint of the advanced energy industry chain was restored through animation simulation,allowing customers and on-site visitors to appreciate the"green journey"of cngr's material manufacturing.
  the exhibition site was crowded with excited visitors.cngr staff fluently communicated with worldwide customers in various languages and talked about the future development of advanced the exhibition site,cngr carefully prepared a lithium baby creative blind box for visitors to open up unknown pleasures and surprises.there were even robots dancing and glamouring the audience with technology.
  at the cngr booth,customers and friends experienced the new technologies,new strategies and visual feast.many have expressed that they will further explore new modes of cooperation with cngr,broaden new areas of cooperation and work together to deepen the advanced energy market for a win-win situation.currently,the exhibition is in full swing.cngr welcomes friends from around the world to come and negotiate business.cngr will work with you to create a more promising future!
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