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  in response to the national goal of double carbon and the concept of green ecological development,cngr has always been committed to building a green and eco-friendly factory.recently,cngr qinzhou industrial base has successfully passed the sgs carbon neutral certification and obtained the"certificate of achievement of carbon neutral declaration",giving birth to cngr's first"zero carbon factory".
  sgs is an internationally recognized testing,inspection and certification body for carbon emission management.this certification was conducted by sgs in accordance with iso 14064-3:2019 standard,and the greenhouse gas data generated during the production and operation of cngr qinzhou industrial base were counted and verified twice in september 2022 and february 2023,and all data were evaluated in detail,counted and audited on site,and at the same time,the relevant data statement,emission reduction plan and neutralization plan were reviewed in a rigorous and meticulous manner through document review,on-site review and technical review,which finally met the requirements of pas 2060:2014 and confirmed that cngr qinzhou industrial base had achieved carbon neutrality.

  what is pas 2060:2014 standard?
  pas 2060:2014 is an internationally recognized normative standard for independent verification of carbon neutrality,which strictly guarantees the accuracy,verifiability and non-misleading nature of corporate carbon neutrality commitments.the standard requires companies to reduce emissions on all fronts based on quantified greenhouse gas emissions,to achieve green and low-carbon in the entire chain of an organization's production and operations,and to encourage organizations to take additional measures to address climate change.
  on the way toward the goal of carbon neutrality,cngr qinzhou industrial base focuses on resource recycling,energy saving and consumption reduction,as well as the use of cleaner energy sources to minimize carbon the same time,qinzhou industrial base actively implements water recycling,carries out energy saving and consumption reduction improvement projects such as power steam saving operation optimization and waste heat utilization transformation,and actively promotes the construction of photovoltaic projects to make a set of green combinations and promote the rapid transformation of energy structure.
  as a leader in advanced energy materials,cngr is taking relevant measures to actively respond to the goals of"clean energy"and"climate action",using"carbon peaking"and"carbon neutrality"as carbon reduction benchmarks and the path of synergistic development of the advanced energy value chain.we have set the carbon targets of achieving carbon neutrality in our operations by 2040 and carbon neutrality in our supply chain by 2050.
  the carbon neutral certification of qinzhou industrial base marks the initial success of cngr's"zero carbon factory"construction,which is an important achievement of cngr's green and low carbon the future,cngr will take the"zero carbon factory"in qinzhou industrial base as the starting point,take the development strategy of"green ecology"as the guide,devote to the development of advanced energy,shoulder the social responsibility of energy cycle,and contribute to the mitigation of global warming and achieve carbon neutrality.
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