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  last year,2022,was an extraordinary year for 2022,many important and unforgettable events have witnessed cngr's passionate journey.the following are the 10 most important events for cngr throughout 2022 as evidence of the rapid development of cngr over the past year.
first foreign industrial base officially operate,the world's first oesbf production line successfully produce nickel matte
  in its second year of internationalization,cngr has achieved remarkable results.on october 25,central indonesian time(wita),the first nickel matte production line from the cngr base at morowali industrial park(imip)was officially put into operation.after going through the drying,roasting and smelting processes,nickel matte has finally been produced.
  cngr announced to the world that the first overseas industrial base has officially entered into production with the application of the world's first oesbf technology.this has further increased the company's carrying capacity in terms of resources,which has also opened up new technologies for processing laterite nickel ore into nickel raw material for batteries.
  as the first stop for internationalization,cngr continues to strengthen investment and cooperation in indonesia.on november 16,2022,the chairman of cngr,deng weiming signed an mou with the indonesian government and signed a framework agreement with pt.antam,which is a state owned enterprise.industrial lay out and cngr investment in indonesia have received maximum support from the indonesian government,which has become a strong foundation for the development of the cngr industry in indonesia.
the kaiyang iron phosphate project is produced and cngr enters a new era with three main products including the nickel,cobalt and phosphorus
  on december 5,2022,the first batch of cngr iron phosphate products was successfully produced at kaiyang industrial is reported that kaiyang's first production line with an annual output of 200,000 tons of iron phosphate project has been put into operation.on december 15th,with the first batch of quality iron phosphate products delivered to customers,it was signaled that cngr's iron phosphate products were produced on a large scale and the company entered a new era of three main product types,namely nickel,cobalt,and phosphorus.
  as a new product construction project of cngr,kaiyang industrial base started construction in march 2022,and set a new cngr record of being constructed,put into operation and completed in the same year,thereby giving cngr an opportunity to seize the market for phosphorus products.
cngr successfully established a battery-grade nickel sulfate production line of high-grade nickel matte and increase raw material self-sufficiency
  on april 6,2022,nickel sulfate crystals made from high nickel matte at cngr qinzhou industrial base were successfully produced.this indicates that nickel sulfate products made from high nickel matte raw materials have officially entered the battery material sector.on september 28,cngr's tongren industrial base for nickel sulfate refining project for nickel matte base material was operating successfully.
  the operation of these two production lines marks the improvement of cngr's carrying capacity for battery-grade nickel sulfate,which will reduce the company's raw material costs and increase the degree of self-sufficiency of raw materials.
the global r&d base is successfully producing,diversified materials and technical systems are moving towards a new stage
  on august 8,2022,cngr's global r&d base was put into operation,and the production capacity of the r&d workshop was increased to 14,000 tons per this workshop,r&d and production tests were carried out for the four main material systems of cngr,namely nickel,cobalt,phosphorus and also complements cngr's entire r&d process from advanced mechanisms through product use to r&d testing,evaluation and inspection,thus providing strong support for scientific research and innovation of multi-material and multi-technology systems.this means that cngr's technological innovation has entered a new stage with greater r&d and innovation missions in the future.
cooperate with tsinghua university,south central university and other prestigious universities,to deepen technological innovation
  on february 18,2022,cngr and tsinghua university signed the project"main technology development of safe high-power battery cathode materials"to carry out joint r&d and key technological innovations.sustainability and safety performance were observed,and high safety cathode material precursors were designed and developed.
  the following month,the company held a signing ceremony of the university-research industry cooperation with central south university to jointly establish a research and development platform and jointly develop scientific research.
  in terms of personnel training,the company launched the eighth"eagle"program to continuously train and produce a large number of outstanding young talents for the new energy industry,and to promote cngr's continuous breakthroughs in the field of technological innovation.
signed investment mou with pohang,opened a new stage of cngr industrial layout in south korea
  on november 24,the chairman of cngr deng weiming was invited to attend the pohang international conference entitled power battery leading city 2022 and deliver a speech.during the ceremony,cngr signed an investment mou with the government of pohang,thus entering a new era of cngr development in south korea.
  according to the memorandum,cngr will establish a world-leading battery-grade lithium and nickel sulfate battery cathode material precursor plant at south korea's yingri bay industrial plant.
  meanwhile,gyeongsangbuk-do and pohang in south korea will provide appropriate support for the construction of the cngr project.for example,handing over assistance in providing land,water and electricity for construction,wastewater treatment and other supporting facilities,and providing certain administrative support.
continue developing green finance to empower the green upgrading industry and contribute to the realization of the"double carbon"goal
  on february 24,2022,cngr hong kong new energy,a subsidiary of cngr,has issued a senior green bond with fixed interest without collateral worth 100 million us dollars,as a starting point for green financing to enter the supporting industry.
  in march,cngr received a us$150 million long-term green loan from the international finance corporation(ifc),a subsidiary of the world bank may,the first overseas"green"loan was obtained.
  in june,an mou on supplying 80mva of green power was signed with pt perusahaan listrik negara(pt.pln).in december,witnessed by hong kong chief executive li jiachao,the president of cngr international tao wu received 2 types of awards,namely the green and outstanding sustainable bond issuer award and the pioneering organization award for climate disclosure planning.
  in the past year,cngr focused on the development of green and sustainable finance,empowered green upgrade industry to realize the target of"carbon peak"and"carbon neutrality".
  re-elected in the 2022 battery recycling white list of the ministry of industry and information technology,waste recycling business is increasingly refined
  on december 16,2022,cngr,which was selected on the white list of the ministry of industry and information technology(kpti)for the utilization of waste batteries,obtained echelon utilization qualifications.this qualification is another important step in the field of comprehensive utilization of waste battery new energy vehicles after being selected and achieved the"recycling"qualification in 2021.
  thus,cngr is one of the few"dual qualification"waste battery recycling enterprises in china.meanwhile,cngr has strengthened cooperation with top-notch companies both from home and abroad,and deeply spread the waste battery recycling global industry chain.
  domestically,in order to set up a layout for the battery recycling and resource regeneration industry,a joint venture agreement was signed with a well-known battery company honeycomb energy by establishing ivy renewable resources(shangrao)co.,ltd.
  overseas,in carrying out cooperation in the field of lithium-ion battery recycling business and improving the global layout of the recycling industry,a cooperation agreement was signed with sungeel hitech and sk ecoplant,a well-known battery recycling company in south korea.
won a number of national level awards for industry leading products and technologies
  in october 2022,by being awarded the titles of national technology innovation demonstration enterprise and national intellectual property excellence enterprise,highlighting cngr's core competitiveness and the company's leading position in the new energy industry.
  in november,the core product cngr of co3o4 was selected as the national single champion product,indicating that cngr products have occupied a leading position in this the same month,cngr received an industrial green design demonstration company award issued by an important achievement of cngr's adherence to a green and low-carbon development route,the results also demonstrate cngr's tremendous strength in the new energy field.
participate actively in social welfare charities and practice corporate social responsibility
  over the past year,cngr has continued to practice the corporate mission of"committed to developing new energy and building a better life for human beings",persisting in social responsibility,actively participating in community welfare programs,and contributing to promoting society's development.
  in august 2022,cngr donated 1 million rmb to the guizhou charity federation,used for charitable endeavors such as the guizhou student the effort against the pandemic this year,the cngr industrial bases of tongren,kaiyang and qinzhou have participated by providing anti-epidemic materials and sending volunteers.
  along with the internationalization,cngr also joined international charity activities.for example,when an earthquake occurred in west java,indonesia on november 21,2022,a quick rescue team was assigned by the cngr international headquarters to participate in the humanitarian action rescue operation and delivering food and medicine to local survivors.
  we reflect the past with pride and look to the future with confidence.after rapid progress throughout 2022,cngr's results have been let’s thanks to all cngr colleagues for their hard work and dedication over the past year and all sectors of society for their love and support.grateful as we grow and advance with cngr on the journey of new energy development!
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